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It’s all about the apple pie April 3, 2012

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Over 10 years ago now I spent a summer working in New Hampshire. I could write a lot about that summer…but I won’t, I’ll just write about this. Near the end of my time there, my room mate and I went to stay at her Aunt’s house near Albany, NY. Our plan was to head to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival – and what a laugh that was too! On our way to her Aunt’s house we stopped at a wee steak diner near(ish) Albany for dinner. It was a real, proper, American roadside diner place. Or at least, that’s how I remember it. Dark wood inside, antlers, a bar, trucks outside, good food inside. We sat and chatted to the lovely woman who was serving us. She was from the area and very friendly but not in a cheesy chain store American kind of way. She was interested in us being from Scotland, what we were studying at university, why we’d come to the States, where we were working. When it came to desserts, we were torn, they all sounded so good. We asked which she’d recommend – they still all sounded fantastic! In the end we decided. I can’t remember what we got now but when she brought them she’d also brought a mini portion of the apple pie as well because she said it was her favourite. I was just what we needed. We’d had some really good times working over the summer but some tough times too and the kindness that woman showed us was very much appreciated. When we were leaving we couldn’t thank her enough. She smiled, gave us big hugs and told us that her son was about our age and was off travelling Europe that summer. She said she missed him dreadfully but that when she met young people who were travelling in the States she wanted to show them some motherly-type love and hoped that, wherever he went in Europe, her son would receive the same welcome. I really hope he did!