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Keep fit and take the stairs January 27, 2013

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So says the sign at the hospital. And I have taken the stairs. Many times over these last few of days. To floor six.
It’s not got much to do with keeping fit though. The stairs are quiet. A few staff use them but not visitors. (not that we’re restricted to visiting hours) I don’t want to see other visitors anyway. Staff are ok, they are used to seeing people in all sorts of states and just leave you be.
Taking stairs also gives me something to do. Puting one foot in front of another is preferable to standing still in a lift, left with your own thoughts. It’s the same reason I have walked along instead of driving.
I know that it takes one Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis (Vaughan Williams) or one Spem in Alium (Tallis) and a Speigel im Speigel (Part) to walk from my house to the hospital.
My grandfather is 95. At my wedding 10 years ago people didn’t believe he was 85 because he was still so strong and active. Even 5 years ago he was still swimming. In the last couple of years we’ve gone from 1 stick to 2 and eventually a walking frame. But even now his strength and resilience is amazing. People who know him have remarked on his strength and his desire to do things in his own way and on his own time. 72 hours ago I didn’t think we’d still be here. But we are. And while we are still here I will continue to take the stairs. I think they should change the sign though. Be peaceful and take the stairs.


Daylight run January 25, 2013

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I had a daylight run today! And in honour of that I took the sleeves back off my jacket (though I had long sleeves underneath) to pretend it wasn’t cold! And actually, it wasn’t so cold. I had started out with my buff on too but had to take that off and stuff it in my pocket although I kept my fingerless gloves on.
Pleased with my distance too – still only about 7k but further than I’ve gone on any of my night runs recently (mostly because I don’t fancy running through dark streets and have been sticking to the well lit Distributor Road) but if felt much better than a shorter run! At some point I just got into a stride and kept going and if felt great!
Got back home in the middle of the 4th set of the Murray-Federer match at Australian Open…so I sat, shivering, until the end of the set before heading for a shower thinking I’d catch the end of the 5th set but Murray was too good and I missed it! Go Andy!!


Ru-ra January 24, 2013

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Another walk day down to Small’s Ru-ra singing class. Not a bad walk really done at a swift pace. The only “interesting” bit is a bit called Godsman’s Brae. Can’t remember off hand who Godsman was but he had a Brae and it is very steep! It’s a bugger to walk up but going down it with a pram is “interesting” to say the least! Hang on tight and try not to break into a run which you would never control is about all you can do! Singing probably doesn’t count as exercise but I’ll count the dancing. Small runs around like a looney too…she’s doing well with her janathon!
Also got in a couple of ab sets too so pleased with that.
Run day again tomorrow! Woohoo!


Did it! January 23, 2013

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I actually managed my run this morning! Woohoo! I did my “angry run” route which is short but has a hill. Managed it in 20 mins which seems ridiculously short for a run but I needed to be back for my course tutorial. I still dislike running in the mornings. Never feels as good but race days don’t bother me (maybe that’s the mars bar and bottle of lucozade beforehand…?!) The main concern today was my feet – they have crap circulation and it was flaimin cold! I think I’ll away and invent some rechargeable heated running shoes for the winter!
So, run done, more ab exercises to go later – bring it on!


Nearly… January 22, 2013

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Nearly forgot to blog again!
Due to the lack of evening run it was another “leave the car at home” day. A tad chilly but a lovely walk from toddlers (something I think I’ll carry on after Janathon – much less hassle than finding a parking space and good for me!). And more ab exercises – on a mat this time…or rather, a couple of the kids’ giant foam jigsaw pieces! And, I’m happy to report that I can actually feel my abs working! Can’t see anything yet (didn’t expect to after 3 days) but that fact that I can actually feel something is good!
Onward to tomorrow and a sneaky run before tutorial phone call – I can do it!!


Scuppered January 21, 2013

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Well, with Mr M on radio back shift (and not in until any time between 9pm and 2am) all week I’m scuppered for evening runs. Hopefully I’ll get a quick run in on Wednesday (my 1 child free day) morning between dropping of Big and Small and my course tutor phoning at 11 – I’m thinking short distance at speed (or what counts for speed in my world!)
But, as a result of no running today I am about to embark upon my 3 set of abs exercises of the day. I’ve never been good at keeping the ab exercises going but perhaps because I have to blog about it for Janathon I might actually managed to remember a few every day for the rest of January…extra challenge!


It’s the 20th already! January 20, 2013

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Well I did have to re-think my run tonight but I had planned to get the girls out for a walk this afternoon too so that was good. (I also think I’ll need to get them some snow boots though – wellies, even with 3 pairs of socks, are just not going to hack it in the cold!)
So that was fine, a walk is good for my own Janathon goals but…I do really enjoy running, I do want to be fit and I do want to be stronger. One thing that has been a bugbear for a while is the abs. I know that a stronger core is going to help the running (and stop me slouching when playing my fiddle) and, maybe get a flatter stomach…live in hope right! So, I found a (very simple) ab workout on youtube which doesn’t involve crunches (which I hate and give me a backache) and did it tonight. I can feel the muscles working, which is good (I hope). I can do as little as 5 mins so I’m going to try and fit in some most days and keep the fingers crossed for some improvement! Having to blog about it might shame me into keeping it going too! Haha!