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What a difference a day makes February 15, 2013

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Well yesterday I braved the wind and the rain for a run…and regretted it almost as soon as I stepped out the door! Don’t mind running in the rain so much, wind…well, it’s do-able, but running into a head wind so strong that when an extra gust blows you’re actually stopped in your tracks, accompanied by freezing, driving rain drilling into your face and head isn’t my idea of loads of fun! I barely made it to the end of the village where the pavement runs out…not even a mile…and it took ages! The run back was rather faster! To attempt to claw back something from the run I did an extra loop on the village and ran up the stairs again but it was a little disappointing.
Today, though, we spent nearly 3 hours mucking around on the beach and then Mr M and I got a lift back out to the old whaling station at Bun Abhainn Eadarra and ran back – about 4.5miles. Much nicer weather for a run! A tiny head wind but not enough to be moral sapping. A few up hills but not high enough to lose momentum and plenty of gentle down slopes to get some good speed on and get the legs really working. We got home in time to realise that if Big and Small still wanted to go swimming we’d need to leave straight away. A swim on top of a run – oh yes please! Nice!


Harris run February 11, 2013

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Lovely lovely run tonight! Over in Harris this week and, although I have run here before not in the dark…and it was well dark! Mr M and I went out together for safety in numbers and went from the house in Tarbert to the shop in Ardhasaig and back. Not huge on the miles but a few hills. It was ok with the lights in the village but out of the lights it was a bit interesting.
Thankfully the road isn’t busy and you can see cars coming from miles off but you can’t see the verge…until I remembered I had my phone (which I had shoved into the back pocket of my leggings just to see if it fitted) and turned on the torch app! Much better!! We decided to end the run with a lap of the village and a run up the steps Rocky style.
But the thing that really made the run was the stunning stars! So many stars you could barely make out the plough among them! I’m surprised we didn’t run off the road with looking at stars! Very nice indeed! 😀


Cut short – but final Janathon thoughts February 3, 2013

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Well, my Janathon challenge may have been cut short by the death of my grandfather but I wanted to write a bit about my final Janathon thoughts anyway.
I probably did less running than I wanted to and than I thought I would but it was great to have something keeping me going and encouraging me. Although I do really like running I seem to do much better with something to aim for.
What also struck me through January was the amount I actually do exercise anyway. I’m always beating myself up for being a total slob and sitting on my arse most of the time but when I actually had to think about it, I already did quite a bit of exercise and it wasn’t too difficult to add a bit more into my daily life. Although I wanted to do more running than I did, my personal goal was to exercise more in general, and I think I did that. I enjoyed it too which is half the battle!
Tomorrow I will (hopefully) go out for a run – the first in over a week. Yesterday I (finally) signed up for the Inverness Half Marathon. Exciting but scary!
I didn’t finish Janathon the way I planned but something more important happened. I will miss my Papa but you don’t get to 95 without striving to stay fit and healthy so I will carry on with my various forms and attempts at exercise and continue to look for things that I enjoy doing. Bring on the half marathon! I might even keep on blogging as another way of keeping tabs on myself!