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Inverness Half Marathon 2013 March 24, 2013

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And so, the day of the Inverness half marathon dawned – bringing with it all the doubts and nerves and some pretty chilly weather! The rain the night before meant that they were no longer allowing folk to park on the grass at the Bught so it was well busy getting down so we did a drive-by leaping out the car on the main road instead. Made it to the sports center to register which was very straight forward and then just a little hanging around before heading to the start.
When we started at half 12 it was pretty nice – cold but dry. The route starts out along the river and then crossed it and doubles back on the other side so you can see the front runners steaming ahead on the other side but I was in no hurry at all! There were quite a few folk lining the way at the beginning (including, I’m pretty sure, my P1 teacher whose daughter lives up here now!) and things were going pretty well. I had wrapped up with my long sleeves, my jacket sleeves, buff, gloves and cap and at one point along the road through the woods I almost stopped to take the sleeves off because it was quite warm…a few miles later and I was very glad I hadn’t because the rain came on! I don’t usually run with a cap on but I was very glad of it today!!
I think the cold and wet kept people away from spectating but at about 7 miles there were some folk banging drums and shouting and waving! It was a great wee boost!
My plan had been to save a bit for the end and speed up…but…I was wet and cold and I’ll admit that I couldn’t care less about the time and for the last 3 miles I just plodded on, refusing to give in and walk!
I’m not really sure what happened near the end. The route ends on the running track back at the leisure center which was fine but finding the route seemed to be a little tricky. I’m not sure if there were less marshalls towards the end or if it was just that the majority of people had already finished and there were just so many folk wandering along the road anyway but I was right glad of the person in front of me wearing a neon yellow jacket…easy to follow!
Running on the track felt fantastic after all the hard road and the high 5s from the family and excited shrieks of my wee girls was the absolute best bit!!
Made it in 2hrs23 in the end. Slower than I had hoped but considering the cold and wet I’m not in the least disappointed and well chuffed with my medal! =:D