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Recovery June 29, 2013

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Ok, I’ll admit, I stayed in bed until nearly midday! We then did go for a walk down the village to get a paper from the shop. Not a whole lot but a couple of miles squeezed in.



Been a long time coming!

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Well today had very little exercise. Today two friend’s who have been together nearly 10 years finally got married!! Brilliant day! Brilliant night! Lots of dancing so that was my exercise for the day!



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Last Juneathon day with the bike so school run. Going away tonight for a friend’s wedding so with that and the rain we decided not to cycle to toddlers but did cycle to Ru-ra and back after lunch.
Then it was off on the long train trip to the parent’s house which had an extra sneaky mile walk at the end of it.

(2.58 + 4.58 + 0.68 = 7.84)


Back to it June 26, 2013

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Well, I woke up this morning feeling quite a bit better but not amazing. But decided to get on the bike anyway mostly because I really didn’t fancy driving and because it’s Wednesday and both kids were away today so I could have a rest when I got back.
So, school to nursery to town (to drop on a book and take back a dvd) and then home. Lovely afternoon resting. Then school run to pick up Big before heading home to sort teacher and “buddy” presents.
So hopefully even more better tomorrow!
(7.78 + 2.58 = 10.36)


Humph June 25, 2013

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Well today’s exercise has been sprinting from my bedroom to the bathroom…
A curse on illness


Back in the saddle

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Monday looked a wee bit damp but in the end fine for cycling to school!
Toddlers today was a trip to the duck pond (near the school) and park. The ducks were very friendly and the ducklings were ever so cute! And, bonus, on seaguls! We’ll definitely go back there for duck feeding.
Wimbledon started today too and I got a little engrossed and before I knew it it was time for Small and me to make a very swift ride to fetch Big from school!
After the weekend rest it was good to be back on the bike.
(2.58 + 2 + 2.58 = 7.16)


Le Weekend June 23, 2013

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Yes I know it’s a total cop out but I honestly don’t know how I’d manage to get enough words to make this 2 separate blog posts!
Saturday was my fiddle class so I walked down. It was great to get some good tunes going as I’d not played for a couple of weeks. I think I may have to consider some arm strengthening exercises tho…my arms hurt! I never used to notice when I was playing most daysbut now…! I went into town to meet MrM and the girls and we did some more wandering around.
Sunday was more of a pathetic exercise day… Basically I walked to the shop and did some stretching. Big went to a birthday party and, because is was so cold and wet, Small and I curled up to watch Despicable Me.
So not the greatest triumph of exercising weekends but there was a little dropped in there and I feel well ready for the last week of Juneathon. Bring it on!