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Back in the saddle June 25, 2013

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Monday looked a wee bit damp but in the end fine for cycling to school!
Toddlers today was a trip to the duck pond (near the school) and park. The ducks were very friendly and the ducklings were ever so cute! And, bonus, on seaguls! We’ll definitely go back there for duck feeding.
Wimbledon started today too and I got a little engrossed and before I knew it it was time for Small and me to make a very swift ride to fetch Big from school!
After the weekend rest it was good to be back on the bike.
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Le Weekend June 23, 2013

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Yes I know it’s a total cop out but I honestly don’t know how I’d manage to get enough words to make this 2 separate blog posts!
Saturday was my fiddle class so I walked down. It was great to get some good tunes going as I’d not played for a couple of weeks. I think I may have to consider some arm strengthening exercises tho…my arms hurt! I never used to notice when I was playing most daysbut now…! I went into town to meet MrM and the girls and we did some more wandering around.
Sunday was more of a pathetic exercise day… Basically I walked to the shop and did some stretching. Big went to a birthday party and, because is was so cold and wet, Small and I curled up to watch Despicable Me.
So not the greatest triumph of exercising weekends but there was a little dropped in there and I feel well ready for the last week of Juneathon. Bring it on!


Friday! June 21, 2013

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Today was all excitement as it was Big’s first Mod! A mod is a Gaelic festival of singing, music, art, writing etc competitions and Big’s school class were singing and then she was doing a conversation and a reading competition. So bike to school first of all.
Thing was, Small had a swimming lesson so I thought I’d miss Big’s class song but Mr M would be there. So bike to pool and swimming lesson. (Small still not liking going under water but likes jumping in and swimming on her back!) Came out to a text saying competitions were running behind and Big’s class still not performed so very speedy bike back along to theatre accompanied by Small shouting “hold on, we’re coming!” all the way! Made it with a minute to spare to see a fabulous performance of their song!
Two more competitions and then bike home. Exhausted! In bed already! Light weight!

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I was so good at blogging in January…not so much in June.
Ok, yesterday’s trips were…
School run, a wee stop to hang out the washing (ooh exciting life!) and then across town to “bear” toddlers. After lunch we were going to cycle to Ru-ra but it was a bit smirry and I had promised Big I’d get her a light waterproof jacket(pink please!) so she didn’t have to keep wearing her winter one each time it looked like rain in the morning. So it was car for Ru-ra and then a trip to Go Outdoors. We did get back in time to cycle to pick Big up from Sradagan tho and have a few shots of the bike ramps on the way home.
Thursday is also drama night. It was car right up until 20 mins before drama starts and then “can we cycle?” So, quick, grab bikes and head off! Mr M (and Small) and I went for a wee burl while Big was at drama and then home. Not too shabby! One tired Big too!

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Caught up June 19, 2013

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Woohoo – I remembered today’s blog!
Wednesday means cycle to school with Big and then down to nursery with Small. I will miss Small’s nursery when she starts Sgoil Araich next January but I won’t miss the hassle of trekking across town.
It was then home for my quiet cup of coffee and to find the Rally Against Cancer tennis match on the iPlayer – what a great laugh that looked! But I could feel my legs getting a bit stiff so I grabbed the ipod and headed for a walk to Tesco for marmalade – yum!

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18th – I’m a day behind

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I seem to be a day behind on the blogging front…
Tuesday’s little excursions were good. A very speedy school run followed by a trip down to church for toddlers. The last few days I’ve been thinking hills have been getting a little easier so I thought I’d tackle the Drummond Crescent hill which is a right bugger. Well, it’s still a right bugger! But, although my legs were still screaming I wasn’t quite as out of breath as I was last time I did it a couple of weeks ago. Nice!
I fully intended to cycle for Big after school but Small fell asleep in the car after an exhausting Tesco shop so we went to school in the car because she really needed a sleep!

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Woops again June 18, 2013

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I forgot yesterdays blog…
The highlights are…cycled to school and back, cycled to toddlers and back. Back to school for Big and then down to Great Granma’s. This trip involved a car which “budged” (overtook) us a little close and resulted in this exchange
Big: That car didn’t give us much room.
Me: No he didn’t.
Big: Cars! What are they like?!
Love my Big cycling girl!!

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