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Back to it June 26, 2013

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Well, I woke up this morning feeling quite a bit better but not amazing. But decided to get on the bike anyway mostly because I really didn’t fancy driving and because it’s Wednesday and both kids were away today so I could have a rest when I got back.
So, school to nursery to town (to drop on a book and take back a dvd) and then home. Lovely afternoon resting. Then school run to pick up Big before heading home to sort teacher and “buddy” presents.
So hopefully even more better tomorrow!
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Caught up June 19, 2013

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Woohoo – I remembered today’s blog!
Wednesday means cycle to school with Big and then down to nursery with Small. I will miss Small’s nursery when she starts Sgoil Araich next January but I won’t miss the hassle of trekking across town.
It was then home for my quiet cup of coffee and to find the Rally Against Cancer tennis match on the iPlayer – what a great laugh that looked! But I could feel my legs getting a bit stiff so I grabbed the ipod and headed for a walk to Tesco for marmalade – yum!

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18th – I’m a day behind

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I seem to be a day behind on the blogging front…
Tuesday’s little excursions were good. A very speedy school run followed by a trip down to church for toddlers. The last few days I’ve been thinking hills have been getting a little easier so I thought I’d tackle the Drummond Crescent hill which is a right bugger. Well, it’s still a right bugger! But, although my legs were still screaming I wasn’t quite as out of breath as I was last time I did it a couple of weeks ago. Nice!
I fully intended to cycle for Big after school but Small fell asleep in the car after an exhausting Tesco shop so we went to school in the car because she really needed a sleep!

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Caught out June 14, 2013

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I’ve been so careful the last couple of weeks with the sun screen but today I seem to have been caught out…but it’s only a teeny bit pink, my arms seem to have become a little bit acclimatised to being exposed to the open air.
Started the day off with the cycle to school but instead of going home we then headed into town because Big would like a summer school dress. The school colours are purple and green and Big really wanted a purple dress…guess how many places do purple? Not many! But we found one eventually.
Small was supposed to have a swimming lesson today but she’s been hacking up a lung most of the week and, although she’s buzzing about a bit brighter today, I didn’t want to take her into a cold pool and undo all the getting better. The bonus of no swimming was we could go and visit her sgoil araich (pre school) that she’ll start in January. Sgoil Araich is just past the school and we were a little early so it gave us the chance to do a wee bit of an extra cycle.
Then it was home for a wee rest…well a rest for Small at least, I’d forgotten I was supposed to be making some biscuits for the school gala day tomorrow…d’oh!
The after school cycle was complete with a few rounds of the skate/bike ramps in the park.
I did a wee bit more yoga and simple stretching this evening. It’s not really something I’ve done much of in the past but it does feel good.
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Are we at 13 already? June 13, 2013

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My usual Thursday trip over to toddlers in Dalneigh was cancelled today because we were visiting the school for a Marie Curie Tea Party instead. After yesterday’s little incident with the not-giving-way car I was ok with having one less trip today (just for today though!). So school run for Tea Party, which included a dicso activity where I got to swing Small round and round and then through her in the air…all good for the arms! This afternoon’s offering was a ride to Ru-Ra, where I did some more dancing with Small.
Seeing as Big is going to a friend’s for tea tonight and Small actually has a cold, the telly is now on. Small is sprawled on the floor watching Cars while I’ve been doing a wee bit more yoga. I have to admit it’s not something I’ve really spent much time on in the past but my legs are really enjoying the stretching and I’m looking forward to feeling a little more flexible too.
Going to take a wee break to make some tea for Small and me and then have another shot at some yoga when the girls are in bed.
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Please look June 12, 2013

As much as I would have wanted to earlier on, this post is not going to be a rant against idiot drivers. Instead I am going to remain calm.

This morning Big, Small and I set out on the school run (by bike). As much as I think that kids should be taught the road rules for bikes, Big has only been cycling since April so I’m not too bothered about her being on the pavement sometimes and there are certain junctions there is no way on this earth I would let her cycle over but most of the roads to school are pretty good and so I encourage her onto the road. I usually let her cycle on the pavement for the first part of the trip, past the shop car park, while I go beside her on the road but today I saw a van pulling out of a space coming towards the junction so I asked her to come down onto the road in front of me to cross the junction on the road rather than hopping pavements. What I didn’t account for was the woman in front of the van who vaguely glanced for cars but failed completely to see the two cyclists (one of whom has a bright pink jacket and pink helmet by the way) and just floated out onto the road. Thankfully I could see that she had looked through us and wasn’t going to stop so I yelled for Big to stop (and stopping dead is something she is very good at doing). The van driver gave us time to collect ourselves and start off again while the woman sailed away completely oblivious. Big just shrugged and said “that was silly wasn’t it Mummy” and I calmly agreed but when she disappeared through the school door I nearly puked. In many ways it’s a good thing it is Wednesday and I had to take Small to nursery across town because if I’d just gone straight home I would have been in danger of locking the bikes up and not going out again.

As a parent taking their child out on a bike what are you supposed to do? Bikes shouldn’t be on the pavement unless it’s a designated cycle way (which a few of the pavements round us are) but while the majority of drivers are pretty good, a child is no match for an idiot in a car. Do I cycle behind Big so that I can protect her from idiots behind us or do I cycle in front to show her which way to go and so that an idiot coming out of a junction hits me and not her? But I also have Small on the back of my bike so that the person right at the back is a tiny 2 year old who will also be hit if I am hit.

This quote from RoSPA’s website is a little sobering: “Almost two thirds of cyclists killed or seriously injured were involved in collisions at, or near, a road junction, with T junctions being the most commonly involved.”

One of my flatmates in university was knocked off her bike by a car coming out of a t-junction. One of Mr M’s colleagues was hit by a lorry coming out of a t-junction. My 6 year old daughter just missed being hit by a car coming out of a t-junction.

I am not a militant cyclist by any stretch of the imagination – although in some places I’ve changed the way I cycle, going past traffic islands for example I’ll move out a little more to prevent cars scraping past and on one particular hill I now cycle in the middle of the lane to prevent cars speeding down BESIDE me… I am just a regular person who has swapped a bunch car journeys for bike journeys and so far this Juneathon I’ve saved nearly 90 miles worth of petrol.

I am still a driver though and I’m well aware that we all make mistakes but for the love of Goodness please please please just give an extra look at junctions. Make really sure there are no cyclists coming. And please look out for families cycling to school – there are plenty of us in Inverness and I’m pretty sure there are plenty in all the other cities, towns and villages around the rest of the country too.


Back to the miles June 11, 2013

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So Monday was back on the bike. Off on the school run and then our wee short hop to Monday toddlers. The plan was then to meet my parents and granma for lunch at Simpsons. Initially I thought we’d take the car and get some more bark for the garden while we were up there but then I remembered…Rockness finished and the last few years that road has been really really busy on the Monday so we took the bike and sacrificed the bark. Good cycle but there were hardly any cars this year! Lunch was followed by heading for my granma’s house before going back up to the school to get Big and then back to G’s house…along the road with Big…I do want her to learn to go on the road but at the age of 6 I don’t feel the need to force her off the pavement, especially considering the lack of consideration some drivers give cyclists but the road we took also has that other wonder, cars parked half on the pavement preventing people getting past! So down the road we go negotiating a mini roundabout, 2 sets of traffic lights and a right hand turn! Go Big!!
Then topped off with a cycle back home too! Happy Monday!

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