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Take a deep breath and carry on February 24, 2012

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Ah right, so, the blog…

Well, for the last 9 years I worked on a small team creating a pretty amazing website and database (she says totally non biasedly!) It wasn’t all sweetness and light and there really wasn’t much opportunity for progression but I enjoyed it. I loved the old photos, illustrations, letters. I liked working with computers every day and really enjoyed the research. And then I had kids and my job allowed me to work part time and still enjoy the history, culture, computer stuff and the research – and then, last year, our funding was stopped and my nice, comfortable, mostly enjoyable job disappeared. Rats!
But it wasn’t all bad. It was time for a change really and I got a new job. A totally different job. An interesting, totally different job. And a job that I am, for the most part, enjoying. The thing is, I don’t use a computer at all. I’m not even supposed to have email there. I didn’t expect it but I miss the research and the writing.

I don’t intend to do my new job forever. Ideally I’d love to get back into something researchy, projecty and computery. But until then I wanted to do something that would give me a chance to write and research and so, my plan is to find something to blog about when I feel like it. Who knows what will end up being written about – nothing groundbreaking or controversial probably, but I hope it’ll at least be interesting so I’m off to find my first idea!